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If you ask around you can find them.

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Of course some are better than others but if you are diligent and patient you can find the best ones and most of them give primo food. Ours has organic fresh vegetables. One of the ones here actually has a garden that they give food from. Reply 1.

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Ask your doctor if he has a discount coupon for each of your particular medicines. Many have coupons. If not, find out from pharmacy or doctor if there is a comparable medicine that is less expensive. You can contact the drug manufacture for your particular medicine and see if they offer a discount card. Many manufacturers offer discounts. Join a senior center and develop people to share retirement issues with.

Also find out what resources they use to survive on retirement pay. If your husband was in military, find out what benefits he is eligible to receive — there are many. Find out what stores and restaurants have senior discounts, and which days. Be creative and proactive and enjoy your resourcefulness! Develop this list until you are satisfied actually, I never stop. You can do it! Reply I am judt happy to be a senior. I went to Harbor Freight brought a couple of items, and asked if they honored Military Veterans, the clerk told me No!

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For you, Floyd! Reply I agree BD Sherman. I am a senior ona very low fixed income but i would gladly give up my discount if stores a other public places would honor our Service men as the should. Reply Thank you. In fact when I try to pay attention I usually end up w an overdraft notice! Just saying. Have a wonderful day.

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I very seldom getting take advantage of the discounts because by the time I pay my bill there is nothing left. Reply I live in Friendship area of Pittsburgh and once monthly rec 3 ice a Senior box with non perishable food. The food gives everyone free food once a month. Both programs are sponsored by Community Food Bank Reply Try Publix,they hire part time workers, few days a week available. Especially seniors students, and the disabled. Reply I had no idea grocery stores are offering discounts to seniors. Reply Boston is cheap with us seniors! You need to get on South 95 and go about miles, until you reach a place call Florida.

No grocery food taxes. Reply But the cost of living is higher and does not offset any discounts.

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I have Humana here an d it had so many new benefits this year that I switched from the plan I had last year which had better then. You still need to go to as many different plan presentations each year as there can be suginigent changes you may want to change plans. We even have some plans that give you some or all of the part B cost. I live in a house that I can no longer deal with.. It is important for senior citizens to get up and out of the house for a number of reasons : 1 To get some fresh air. To get some exercise, even if it is just a walk. To socialize. A lot of their friends are no longer there.

Some have passed away, some have moved To Nursing homes, Assisted living facilities, to be nearer their relatives, etc. Any activity is better than no activity.

Everything in moderation. Reply Very well put, thank you sweetie Reply I agree with the previous woman who stated that your statements were well put. It is so important to be out and about and for it to be affordable. Ted K. If so, give me a call — you have my number. Ken Reply Rosetta W. Reply None in Calif. Staters is a HUGE food store out here and discounts nothing for seniors!! We pay above what other states do on just about everything we buy.

I do wish we had left Calif yrs ago but we each were caregivers for our parents back then. We now take advantage of free home repair program and I go to the food give away program each week. Reply Krogers is called Ralphs here. But of course they stopped giving discounts. Maybe some of the others listed have a different name in California, just as brand names change geographically [e. It never hurts to ask at the front desk of any store. They said the cost of living had not gone up.

I would like to know why they thought that especially when I look at my water bill, gas at the fuel pumps of power bill for heating or electric meter at home. I bet the politicals have some to pay their bill or we are paying them to much or absorbing their bills for them! What about the West coast, more importantly, Eastern Washington State?? Whaaa we always get left out! We also have senior organizations like meals on wheels that will help seniors with food. So instead of worrying about discounts at stores seek out info in your community where you can get FREE food!

Reply What would help a lot of people would be if businesses somehow let ppl know they offer discounts to seniors or military. I just recently dined at a restaurant that had such notice printed on the menu — though that was wonderful. I certainly do not begrudge our military service members some discounts but it would be nice to sometimes get some relief on my bills.

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I, unfortunately, was not able to serve in the military. I did go to enlist but was medically deferred from all four branches so I now struggle to make ends meet at 60 with no hope at all to ever retire — there just is no money so I will get to die at a desk. Reply Gosh, Mike, this is terrible! Have you considered getting a roommate to help share expenses? I did — I found a young gay man, half my age who was destitute and going them a breakup. We formed an Intergenerational Housing Alliance. He cuts the grass, does all the lifting and shopping.

I cook and do laundry, he works full time. He is just the sweetest man you would ever want to meet. And, due to age and identity, there is no pressure on either side if you catch my drift, good luck to you!