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Craft lagers use an all-malt base, and should be loaded with hops and matured for at least a month, if not much longer. This mimics the production methods of the better Czech and German lagers. Indeed, if you want to put a bit of pizzazz into your pub pilsner, opting for a Czech classic such as Pilsner Urquell or German imports such as Jever or Veltins is a sensible way to start.

But with summer and BBQ season fast approaching, what are your options in the supermarket — which lagers are not just cold and crisp but crafted with real character? It is a bit like putting Grand Prix tyres on a Honda Civic: it may be possible and it sounds impressive, but is it wise?

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In this case, no. For all the big talk, this is sweet, anodyne lager, its flavours spiciness, sherbet lemons faint blips on the radar. This is very well-made beer. The German Reinheitsgebot , or beer purity laws, only allow four ingredients to be used in lager: water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

That point of pedantry aside, once you get past its unpleasant, stewed vegetable aroma, this is, for just 66p a bottle, not a bad little pilsner. It is rather one-dimensional and, like Becks, has a curious metallic aftertaste, but it is not overly sweet and it is correctly dry and hoppy. You will have drunk far worse. Unusually laced with wheat malt, which gives it a thicker mouthfeel and a notably earthy, grainy aspect, this hits you with a triple whammy of big, sweet, juicy caramelised malts; then unsweetened grapefruit, pepper and lemon notes; and finally a lingering bitterness that rolls on and on.

It is so flavour-packed, in fact, that it may be too much for some lager drinkers. If you really concentrate, you might discern a slight marmalade note in there, but its main characteristic, a curious soured lemon flavour, is mostly reminiscent of Shandy Bass. Just look at the beer duty escalator.

Supermarkets' Christmas price war sees the cost of beer drop to 71p a can putting pressure on pubs

Get used to this sort of killjoy nonsense spreading across the UK. Ian G I think it's clear why those of us who appreciate craft brewing would support minimum alcohol unit pricing. Perversely, as our Sweedish poster notes, my experience in Norway too indicates that taxing the alcohol at penal levels, benefits better beers. The prices are high generally sure, but premium beers are therefore at a relatively "less higher" price.

There are therefore many more in the market. AndersH Please look to norwegian alcoholpolitics and the effect it has for craft brewers before backing a proposal this stupid. Finn All I hope is that the cheap beer going up and becoming priced similar to an average beer does not mean that the average beer goes up to near premium beer prices, thus meaning retailers see fit to put premium brews up even more. You guys seem confident this is a good thing for hopheads but we will see.

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I will be keeping a close eye on the price of premium beers and am expecting the worst. Your quick to slate corporate breweries but UK PLC is the biggest corporate body in the UK, I can't help but wonder where this extra money goes as well. Rorybone Hopefully it'll get folk off their arses and back into the pubs. Erik Colin Adams A fact not considered is that the corner shops will be able to compete with the big supermarkets so hopefully the asdas will not make as much as people presume. Nathaniel S Alec Wallace The idea of stopping binge drinking and raising the health of the public is nonsense.

I'm happy to be proven wrong by supermarkets dropping their cheapest own brand crap, or not realigning all their booze prices when the price for lowest common denominator moves, but I can't see it. TotalDave I can see where you are coming from here, but isn't a likely outcome that the big name beers remain exactly the same in terms of quality but become more expensive and hence profitable.

The minimum price per unit provides the convenient excuse that "it wasn't us who put the prices up, it was the government" - people will still continue to buy what the adverts push at them regardless of price and nobody really wins, even if proper brewers and beer drinkers don't lose. Tim As you say Punk is almost double the minimum pricing level so if people are going to have to double what they are going to pay for crap beer they'll not going to quadruple it for for a decent one.

I have to walk past alcoholics in the street every morning on my journey to work and this means they'll just commit more crimes to pay for their fix. They need support not higher prices. And plus, it's probably against EU law to set minimum prices. Fairzo I like the principle. Ade I agree with your view on the effect this will have on craft brewers but you completely ignore the fact that this is nothing more than a further stealth tax on the poorer members of society.

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But what happens when research shows that the minimum price has had no effect on our society's drinking problems? Obviously the minimum price is too low. This is the start of a slippery slope and will only help to fill the coffers of the large retailers. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller. Our view. Sign the petition.

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